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El nostre equip

El nostre equip

El nostre equip
El nostre equip

Preparats per a l’apassionant tasca d’ensenyar anglès als més petits

La nostra prioritat és trobar persones que puguin ensenyar i motivar els nens a aprendre anglès, que connectin i tinguin empatia amb els més petits. Un gran domini de l’anglès, dinamisme, professionalitat, empatia i una gran motivació per la seva feina són les característiques principals del nostre equip docent.

Tot seguit us els presentem:

  • Alba Casé

    Alba Casé

    Hello, my name is Alba Casé and this is my first year in Kids&Us. Although I’ve lived in Callús all my life, my family has always had a connection with an American family, they used to come every summer to our house since I was little, therefore I learnt English by natural process. Last year I decided to go study 12th grade there and stay at their house. I went to Thomas High School in Webster, a town in upper New York state and it turned out to be an amazing experience! Currently I am studying a degree in Digital Business, Design and Innovation in La Salle URL (Barcelona). My hobbies are traveling and sports, I used to play handball and I coached little kids a couple of years ago. I loved coaching kids so I can’t wait to open my horizons and start teaching!

  • Anna Gassó

    Anna Gassó

    Hello! My name is Anna and this is my first year teaching at Kids&us. When I am not at work I study anthropoloy which I really like. I love working with kids and teenagers and being able to give them tools to learn by themselves is priceless.

  • Natalia Morales

    Natalia Morales

    Hello! My name is Natalia. Although I was raised in Figueres, Salvador Dali's town, I'm originally from Colombia. I graduated from Girona University with a Degree in Education and I just got my Masters in Diagnosis and Intervention in Neuropsychological Education. I love travelling, opening my mind to new ways of thinking and learning languages. Even though I speak four languages, I would love to learn many more. I also enjoy cooking, baking, reading and hiking. Being around children and getting involved in the way they think and learn is more than a job for me, education is my passion. This is my fifth year working as an English teacher and my third school year at Kids&Us. It is also my first year working at the Kids&Us Head Office. For me it is a privilege and it feels surreal to be part of such a huge project!

  • Rita Dede

    Rita Dede

    Hello! My name is Rita and I’m from Nigeria! I moved to Manresa in 2018. I’m a graduate of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria where I studied Religious and Cultural Studies. I got interested in teaching during my one-year service of teaching teenagers in my country. I was very excited when I got accepted into the Spanish Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools (CAPS) in 2018. I’ve always been passionate about kids because I grew up taking care of children as I come from a very large family. I love working with kids any day any time. My journey with Kids&Us started this year and I’m looking forward to a memorable academic year the kids.

  • Rochelle Marie Freese

    Rochelle Marie Freese

    Hello! My name is Rochelle and I am a Native English Teacher from San Francisco. I have been living around Manresa for the last nine and a half years working as a language teacher. I have always found languages to be vital as well as essential to a successful future. I am very proud to be a part of the Kids & Us team and spread knowledge about the English language to encourage future generations to strive for success. I believe the best way to learn is to apply a skill like English to practical situations and to have a fun time whilst gaining valuable knowledge. This is exactly what I encourage students to do so that they have an enjoyable experience in each and every class. I hope to have you as a student or to see you around one of the Kids & Us schools!

  • Samia Qureshi

    Samia Qureshi

    Hello! MY name is Samia. I am from India (New Delhi). Now I am living in Manresa. I am a graduate from University of Delhi in Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics. I did my teaching degree in 2003. I worked in Indian police as an Inspector for six years. I was always passionate about teaching so I took teaching as my profession and I have started working as teacher since 2011. Both my parents were teachers, my grandfather too.I am a YouTuber, I love travelling and I have been to different countries of the world but I like Spain the most because of the diversity and to me diversity is the key to innovation. It is my 1st year in Kids & Us and i am really looking forward

  • Vicky


    From a young age I have been a natural helper and communicator (AKA a bossy chatterbox!). I feel incredibly privileged to be able to teach my native language and make a difference to lives. After university I spent seven years working in London in media and publishing, but education is my real passion. I am lucky enough to also form part of the talented Method team in Head Office where we create the course materials which are used all over the world! This is my first year at Kids&Us and I’ll be teaching Teens 6, our C2 course.

  • Judit Bermúdez

    Judit Bermúdez

    Hi! My name is Judit, I am from Manlleu, but I have been living in Manresa for 8 years. I love drawing and studying other languages and cultures. That is why I studied translation and interpreting (English and French) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During my degree I did an Erasmus program in Cardiff (Wales) for a year. In 2009, and while I was doing the last two courses of my degree, I started working as a teacher at Kids&Us. At that moment I discovered how much I enjoy teaching English to little ones and since then, I have been working as a teacher at Kids&Us and I have enjoyed every single class. Being able to teach English to children is a great experience. I have been working since 2012 at the Kids&Us Headquarters in the Method Department.

  • Janira Oller

    Janira Oller

    Hi! My name is Janira and I live in Rubi. I have a degree in Pedagogy and a Master’s degree in Active Learning . I’ve always been very interested in learning languages, that’s why I decided to move to the UK to improve my English and to experience a professional challenge. Although I have worked with children and adults, for the last 4 years I have specialised in Early Years education and I can say I’m really passionate about it! Travelling is another of my passions and I take a plane whenever I can! I am part of the Kids&Us Head Office team and this is my fourth year teaching in Kids&Us Manresa.

  • Laia Martínez

    Laia Martínez

    Hello , my name is Laia Martinez and I am a trilingual actress, singer, director and teacher from Manresa. I started teaching drama and dancing in Escola Sant Vicenç, where I directed a few plays. After that I have taught English, Drama and have been a counselor in Summer Camps and Summer Schools. I have just come back from five years living and working in London (UK) where I had several artistic and educational jobs. My last position being a teaching assistant in a Special Needs School where I have fond memories of. My favourite things are : musical theatre, films and series, keeping active, writing, gymnastics, swimming, travelling and meeting people from around the world. I am very happy to be working in Kids&Us as a teacher and in the drama department.

  • Elena Colorado

    Elena Colorado

    My name is Elena. I am an expert in Communication and a vocational teacher. I was born in Seville but living in Barcelona, which I always wanted, is a dream come true. I have been studying English my whole life and it has been the key to become the person and worker I am now. I also speak French and Catalá and I am learning German... languages are my passion. I have been working with kids since I was so young as I am patient, kind, funny and caring. I look forward to meeting you all and learn a lot together

  • Fabianne Furman

    Fabianne Furman

    My name is Fabianne and I am from California. After obtaining a university degree in Linguistics, I discovered a passion for teaching while working for a non-profit organisation in Chile. I went on to obtain a master’s degree in foreign language teaching, and have spent the past six years teaching both Spanish and English to children and adults in various parts of the world. A fun fact about me is that I spent several years performing original music in bars and cafes in Southern California. I am thrilled to join the Kids&Us team in Manresa.

  • Verónica Ortiz

    Verónica Ortiz

    Hello!! My name is Verónica and I have been a member of the Kids&Us family for about two years now. After finishing my degree in English Philology, I decided it was time to move somewhere abroad for about a year or two. Little I knew that I was going to end up living in England for six years. I also studied my master’s degree in Publishing at a university in Cambridge. As soon as I obtained my qualification, I came to live to Barcelona and started working at Kids&Us. I joined the Manresa team in December, and I am currently teaching Teens 3. Needless to say, I am passionate about the English language and its literature and I feel very lucky for being able to teach it. When I am not working you can find me reading, painting and doing puzzles, which, contrary to what people may think, I find very relaxing and helps me to disconnect from the daily routines.

  • Alexandra Pop

    Alexandra Pop

    Hi there! My name is Alexandra. I was originally born and raised in Romania, however what’s really running through my veins is Hungarian blood. My mother tongues are both Hungarian and Romanian (and no, despite being neighbour countries, the languages aren’t similar at all!). I went to a German school where I studied English and later on, at the age of 15, I moved to Manresa and have ever since lived here. I got my degree in Translation and Interpreting from Pompeu Fabra University (English & German). I’ve always wanted to become a conference interpreter, but I believe life takes you where you’re meant to be and here I am! What I most like doing in my free time is running, going to the gym and driving while listening to my favourite music.

  • Alba Martín

    Alba Martín

    Hello! My name is Alba and I’m from Manresa. I’m a laboratory technician and I adore travelling. I have been to many countries in Europe and after spending a year in the USA working as an Au Pair, I decided to come back and help kids learn English. Knowing English and a bit of French has been such a valuable tool! I have given classes in different schools and summer camps, I really love interacting with kids!

  • Anna Morilla

    Anna Morilla

    Hi! My name is Anna. I was born in Igualada, I was a very expressive and extrovert child. I lived in Barcelona and I studied Public Relations there and I also lived in Bilbao where I studied Scenic Arts and now I’m living in Manresa and I love it! I like run, do yoga and do some sport to be healthy. My passions have always been travelling and reading books and lately I have a new passion, "my baby boy". Nowadays, I am working as receptionist at School 2 and I'm happy to make you feel like home. For me, working at Kids&Us is like travelling to the a magic world every day. So, now you know a little about me, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me.

  • Aleida Mengod

    Aleida Mengod

    Hello! My name is Aleida. I was born and raised in Barcelona, but now I live in Navarcles. I graduated in Journalism at the UAB and I am also a childcare teacher. I am currently studying pre-primary and primary education at The UB. Teaching is my passion and I have been working in education since I was 18. I had the opportunity to work in different schools and associations, among many other jobs. I worked as a language teacher, as a helper with children with special needs and as an instructor in Ireland. In my free time I love going to the mountains with my family and friends, I also enjoy reading a good book and spending time with my cats. This is my third year here at Kids&Us and I am really happy and excited to join this adventure!

  • Clàudia Vallecillos

    Clàudia Vallecillos

    Hello! My name is Clàudia. I am from Navarcles, a village near Manresa. I am currently studying Applied Languages at the Pompeu Fabra University where I study both English and French. I am also starting my first year of Law at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Last year I had the opportunity to live in London for three months and I realised that I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to practise or teach English. And that’s why I am so exited to be at Kids&Us, because I feel that transmitting this passion for the language to the children is very important!

  • Cristina Díaz

    Cristina Díaz

    Hi! My name is Cristina! I’m from Sabadell. I graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with degrees in Translation and Interpreting (English and Chinese). I love travelling and experiencing other cultures, so I went to China and studied Chinese for a year and a half at Zhejiang University. It was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to everyone! I also taught music a few years ago. It goes without saying that teaching is one of my passions! I'm a member of the Kids&Us Head Office and this will be my second year as a Kids&Us Manresa teacher.

  • Cristina Mercé

    Cristina Mercé

    Hello! My name is Cristina. I was born in Manresa, but for the last 6 years I’ve been working and studying around Europe and northern Africa. I love learning and practising languages. I also love travelling and experiencing new cultures. That’s why I studied Translation and Interpreting and now I’m doing my Master’s in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation.  Languages are the key to communication and understanding between two cultures and being a teacher means providing my students with that key. I’m really looking forward to starting my sixth year at Kids&Us!

  • Debora Rosa

    Debora Rosa

    Hi!! My name is Debora (“Deby”) Rosa Aquino. I’m originally from Brazil and I graduated in Pharmacy at UFBA- Brazil. Despite my unrelated background studies, English language and teaching have always been part of my life. For several years, I combined my academic life with teaching jobs and work in the tourism industry. As soon as I finished my postgraduate degree in Food Science, I moved to the UK and I lived there for eight years where I was able to nourish my passion for the English language and British culture; I also lived in Denmark and I studied a range of creative subjects: Arts and Crafts, Human Rights, Professional English, Creative writing, Film making, Photography among others. In both countries, I had the opportunity to develop myself as a human being; within an environment of diversity that allowed me to coexist with people from all over the world, learning through life experiences and the exchange of vivid culture. I dedicate my free time to some of my passions: cinema, sports in general, reading, travelling and walking along the seashore. This is my first year at Kids&Us and I am really looking forward to learning from my pupils and hopefully planting a positive seed in their minds and little hearts.

  • Dirk Hamdorf

    Dirk Hamdorf

    Hello, my name is Dirk. I'm from northern Germany where I was raised and attended university too, but I've been living in Catalonia for the last 16 years. I studied environmental engineering and also got training on quality control, on-the-job safety and emission protection. After working as an engineer for more than 10 years I decided to broaden my horizons and took on a job as a teacher of both English and German. The current course is my third year at Kids&Us, where I'm not only working as a teacher, but also in the Pedagogical Department. My hobbies are mountaineering and mountain biking as well as caving and climbing when time allows.

  • Eugenia Zacharia

    Eugenia Zacharia

    Hello! My name is Eugenia and I am from Greece. I have studied philosophy, pedagogy and I also completed my master's degree in intercultural education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I speak three languages including ancient Greek, I enjoy being in contact with people from different countries and cultures. I have been teaching foreigners over the last six years. In my free time I usually walk around the city, I read books and I do volunteer work. What brings me to Manresa? The answer is Kids&Us! I'm really looking forward to starting my first year at Kids&Us! As Plato said "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think".

  • Evita Letsa

    Evita Letsa

    Hi, my name is Evita and I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. I studied Genetic Psychology and I speak four languages as well as my maternal one. I love teaching so much that I have always regarded it as a hobby and not as a job. My other passions are reading, backpacking and walking. I moved to Manresa five years ago and I have been working for Kids&Us ever since. Making such a big change in my life turned out to be a very wise decision for me both professionally and personally.

  • Georgina Argerich

    Georgina Argerich

    Hello everyone! My name is Georgina and I was born and raised in Manresa. Being able to witness how students learn and help them overcome new challenges is something that has always fascinated me. For this reason, I decided to turn this interest into my day-to-day life by studying Pre-School teaching. Moreover, I went to live with a family in the USA to take care of their three children for almost two years. This is my fifth year working at Kids&Us, both as a teacher and an Academic Coordinator, and I am enjoying it as much as I did when I first started. 

  • Goretti Garcia

    Goretti Garcia

    My name is Goretti, I'm from Manresa and I lived in England for some years. I studied a Business Administration Batchelor's degree and I gained the Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE qualifications whilst in England. I started teaching English to adults in Warrington (UK), as well as gaining professional administration experience and completing further managerial studies. Once back in Spain, I pursued finance studies, learnt German and, most importantly, became a teacher. I love my two sons and I'm so proud of their achievements. They are teenagers now and I've seen how their English has improved since they started at Kids&Us as babies. Above all, I can't wait to start my second year at Kids&Us.

  • Kasia Legler

    Kasia Legler

    Hello! My name is Kasia and I discovered my passion for teaching languages as a teenager. Therefore, I have been giving classes all my life. I come from Poland but I spent a big part of my life in England. I have been living in Catalonia for over a year. I graduated from Jagiellonian University with a Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages. We speak 4 languages at home and I strongly believe natural language immersion is the best way to learn a language. The Kids&Us teaching method is really close to my philosophy of teaching. I am excited and really looking forward to teaching you all this year!

  • Loyall Peter

    Loyall Peter

    Hello, my name is Loyall Peter. I was born in Kent, which is located in the south-east of England. Ever since I was young I have loved travelling and learning from different people, cultures and languages. For the past 17 years I have been living in between England and Spain, the last 5 of which spent in Catalonia, where I achieved my diplomas for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am passionate about the English language, especially teaching it. I have had students of all ages, and seeing their English evolve is what gives me the most satisfaction. The method of language acquisition by speaking and playing is the most natural form of learning for young minds, and that is why I am looking forward to working for Kids&Us.

  • Luciana Melo

    Luciana Melo

    Hi everyone! My name is Luciana and I’m originally from Brazil, where I graduated in Psychology. I have also lived in the US and I have been an English teacher ever since. I have also been an Academic Coordinator in different academies until I came across Kids&Us and I fell in love with the methodology. I’m a proud Kids&Us mom as well! I was the coordinator of Kids&Us Terrassa for 2 years and I started working at the Kids&Us Head Office in 2018. As you can imagine, I love working with kids and teens and I’m looking forward to this school year!

  • Maria Paula Cavalcanti

    Maria Paula Cavalcanti

    Hello! My name is Maria Paula, I'm originally from Brazil but I lived in England for 5 years and I have been living in Manresa for 10. I graduated in childcare in London at Masbro centre- shepherds bush, TEFl at Oxford House Barcelona, tourism at Formación Universitaria de Sevilla and I'm an official Cambridge speaking examiner as well. Teaching is my passion, I've been teaching English to children and adults for over 10 years. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, we go cycling or hiking at the weekends. I also love travelling and discovering new cultures. I worked for Kids&Us for many years in the past, I love the immersive English learning method and I think it's very effective and fun. I´m so excited to be back again this year.

  • Meritxell Bargués

    Meritxell Bargués

    Hi! My name is Meritxell. I was born in Terrassa but I’ve been living in Manresa for more than 12 years. Languages have always been my passion and that’s why I studied Translation and Interpreting… and tried to live abroad for as long as I could! After some years in places such as France, Norway and the UK I began working as a freelance translator. A few years later I started combining translation with teaching and eventually ended up working both for the school and the Kids&Us Head Office in Manresa. It's going to be my seventh year here and I'm looking forward to getting started!

  • Míriam Muñoz

    Míriam Muñoz

    Hi! My name is Míriam and I was born in Manresa. I have always been really passionate about languages and that’s why I started studying English at a young age. I studied Translation and Interpreting because, originally, I wanted to be an interpreter. In 2013, I lived in Manchester (UK) for a short period of time as an Erasmus student. I had never thought I would end up working as a teacher, but when I started in Kids&Us Manresa, I realised that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I really love working with children because it’s impressive to see how they learn a foreign language in such a natural way, but also because their smiles are priceless. I can’t wait to see what this fourth year at Kids&Us has got to offer!

  • Nathalie Cardew

    Nathalie Cardew

    Hello! My name is Nathalie. Originally from the UK, I now live near Manresa in the middle of the countryside. Since leaving the UK I have used my passion for art and craft to run mixed language and craft workshops for schools in France and Catalonia. More recently, I gained my TEFL qualification and have been teaching in academies in Manresa. In my spare time I love being creative and making things. I also love spending time being outside, smelling flowers.

  • Núria Soler

    Núria Soler

    Hi! My name is Núria and I’m from Manresa. I’m currently studying image diagnosis and in the future I would like to study either veterinary or odontology. Even though my current studies have nothing to do with English, I have studied English at Kids&us since I was three and I’ve always loved learning languages. I couldn’t be happier to become a part of the Kids&us team this year since it has always felt like my second home! In my free time, I enjoy taking care of animals, watching TV shows, travelling, spending time with my loved ones and reading.

  • Olga Dyvinets

    Olga Dyvinets

    My name is Olga and I am from Belarus. I have been living in Catalonia for 12 years and I absolutely love this place! My husband is from here and our little boy is 4 years old. My passion is learning new languages, getting to know new cultures and reading books. I graduated in Slavic philology in my country and, straight after my graduation, I moved to Barcelona. I also completed my Master’s degree at the UB in Spanish teacher for foreigners. I have lived in the USA and studied English pretty much all my life. I got the C1 level in Catalan and I am very proud of it too! The current course is my second year and I am enjoying working as a recepcionist, customer service and administrator in School 1.

  • Satu Djitte

    Satu Djitte

    Hey there! My name is Satu. I was born in Mataró, however, I have a Senegalese mom and a Gambian dad. I graduated from University of Barcelona with a degree in English. I have always been interested in linguistics; specifically in child language acquisition and multilingualism. I have worked in a day care nursery for babies and children aged from six months to three years old where I gained plenty of experience and knowledge about kids. The English language and children have always been some of my greatest passions; that is why working at Kids&Us is an awesome experience not only in a professional sense but also in a personal one.

  • Tamara Sommer

    Tamara Sommer

    Hi, my name is Tamara. I've been living in Catalonia for 9 years, but I was born and raised in Switzerland. I studied graphic design and I was a professional dancer for 18 years. Although I don't dance anymore, I love what I do now, teaching! I can speak 6 languages, and I really enjoy sharing my passion for learning languages with young children. I am a member of the Kids&Us Head Office and a Kids&Us Manresa teacher. This will be my fifth year in Kids&Us!

  • Walters Bawe

    Walters Bawe

    Hello! My name is Walters Bawe. I’m originally from Cameroon (a country in West Africa) but I have been living in Manresa for more than 8 years. I graduated from the University of Yaounde with a degree in Translation and Interpreting.  I speak 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Spanish and Pidgin English) and 5 African dialects. I have been working at Kids&Us Manresa for two years. As a fully qualified English teacher with more than 10 years of varied experience, there’s much I can offer to the education of young children. I’m confident that my passion for children development, together with my skills and expertise will enable me to make a significant difference at Kids&Us.

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