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Kids&Us Manresa

El nostre equip

El nostre equip

El nostre equip
El nostre equip

Preparats per a l’apassionant tasca d’ensenyar anglès als més petits

La nostra prioritat és trobar persones que puguin ensenyar i motivar els nens a aprendre anglès, que connectin i tinguin empatia amb els més petits. Un gran domini de l’anglès, dinamisme, professionalitat, empatia i una gran motivació per la seva feina són les característiques principals del nostre equip docent.

Tot seguit us els presentem:

  • Maria Paula Cavalcanti

    Maria Paula Cavalcanti

    Hello! My name is Maria Paula, I'm originally from Brazil but I lived in England for 5 years and I have been living in Manresa for 10. I graduated in childcare in London at Masbro centre- shepherds bush, TEFl at Oxford House Barcelona, tourism at Formación Universitaria de Sevilla and I'm an official Cambridge speaking examiner as well. Teaching is my passion, I've been teaching English to children and adults for over 10 years. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, we go cycling or hiking at the weekends. I also love travelling and discovering new cultures. I worked for Kids&Us for many years in the past, I love the immersive English learning method and I think it's very effective and fun. I´m so excited to be back again this year.

  • Aina Bernal

    Aina Bernal

    Hi! My name is Aina and I’m from Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, a town near Manresa. I’m currently studying Primary Education in English at UAB because it combines my two passions: teaching and English! Learning new languages and new cultures is something that I’ve always enjoyed. In fact, this last year I’ve been learning the basics of Korean because I’m very interested in South Korean culture! I have also been an artsy person since I was little. I used to draw during Primary School and my current passions are photography and cinema! I'm really looking forward to starting my first year at Kids&Us and I can’t wait to meet all my students!

  • Roser Tachó

    Roser Tachó

    Hi, I am Roser! I was born in Manresa and I just came back from Australia, where I lived for a year. I was there finishing my degree in Biomedical Science as an exchange student from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Apart from science, I love languages and teaching. I have been an after school teacher and a trampoline coach (I used to be an elite gymnast!). My other passions include playing guitar, travelling, and learning about other cultures. I can’t wait to start this year at Kids&Us!

  • Jana Alidon

    Jana Alidon

    Hello! My name is Jana. I’m originally from the Philippines, but I have lived in England for almost ten years. I graduated from the University of Sunderland with a combined degree of TESOL and English Language and Linguistics. I decided to pursue a career in language teaching because of my passion for languages and travelling. My journey started in Japan as an exchange student and discovered the wonders of teaching and living abroad. This is my second year in Spain and my first year in Kids&Us. I would like to take this opportunity to meet new (and old) students, learn from my colleagues and start another adventure. Let’s have fun!

  • Olga Dyvinets

    Olga Dyvinets

    My name is Olga and I am from Belarus. I have been living in Catalonia for 11 years now and I absolutely love this place! My husband is from here and our little boy is 2 years old. My passion is learning new languages, getting to know new cultures and reading books. I graduated in Slavic philology in my country and, straight after my graduation, I moved to Barcelona. I also completed my Master’s degree in UB specialising in being Spanish teacher for foreigners. I have lived in the USA and studied English pretty much all my life. I got the C1 level in Catalan and I am very proud of it too! The current course is my first year and I am more than enjoying simultaneously working as a School 1 administrator and teacher. I enjoy my work immensely and I look forward to transmitting all my knowledge to the children!

  • Joeri de Valença

    Joeri de Valença

    Hello! My name is Joeri and I am from the Netherlands. I studied Physics and I worked as a researcher in a laboratory for several years. My scientific career has been exclusively carried out in English and teaching has formed a large part of it. In September, I moved to Manresa to live with my beloved girlfriend and I started studying Catalan so I am well aware of the challenges of learning a new language! I am excited about reversing roles and teaching English at Kids & Us. One of my favourite things about Catalunya is the majestic mountains. In comparison the place where I grew was pan flat, so I love to admire them and I hike as often as I can.

  • Goretti Garcia

    Goretti Garcia

    My name is Goretti, I'm from Manresa and I lived in England for some years. I studied a Business Administration Batchelor's degree and I gained the Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE qualifications whilst in England. I started teaching English to adults in Warrington (UK), as well as gaining professional administration experience and completing further managerial studies. Once back in Spain, I pursued finance studies, learnt German and, most importantly, became a teacher. I love my two sons and I'm so proud of their achievements. They are teenagers now and I've seen how their English has improved since they started at Kids&Us as babies. Above all, I can't wait to start my first year at Kids&Us.

  • Alba Mas

    Alba Mas

    Hi! My name is Alba and I was born in Manresa but the travel bug bit me early. Although my love for languages and books pushed me into studying Translation at UAB, during my Erasmus in England I decided I wanted to become a language teacher and got a postgraduate degree in Language Teaching. I moved to Switzerland and Germany for a couple of years to learn German and teach Spanish and then travelled to Poland, where I had the opportunity to teach English at a university and at a Montessori Kindergarten. I spent 2016 in Guatemala, taking care of a middle school's English department and volunteering in elementary schools. I love sharing everything I know, that is why I can't wait to put it all into practice at Kids&Us.

  • Alexandra Pop

    Alexandra Pop

    Hi there! My name is Alexandra. I was originally born and raised in Romania, however what’s really running through my veins is Hungarian blood. My mother tongues are both Hungarian and Romanian (and no, despite being neighbour countries, the languages aren’t similar at all!). I went to a German school where I studied English and later on, at the age of 15, I moved to Manresa and have ever since lived here. I got my degree in Translation and Interpreting from Pompeu Fabra University (English & German). I’ve always wanted to become a conference interpreter, but I believe life takes you where you’re meant to be and here I am! What I most like doing in my free time is running, going to the gym and driving while listening to my favourite music.

  • Nathalie Cardew

    Nathalie Cardew

    Hello! My name is Nathalie. Originally from the UK, I now live near Manresa in the middle of the countryside. Since leaving the UK I have used my passion for art and craft to run mixed language and craft workshops for schools in France and Catalonia. More recently, I gained my TEFL qualification and have been teaching in academies in Manresa. In my spare time I love being creative and making things. I also love spending time being outside, smelling flowers.

  • Loyall Peter

    Loyall Peter

    Hello, my name is Loyall Peter. I was born in Kent, which is located in the south-east of England. Ever since I was young I have loved travelling and learning from different people, cultures and languages. For the past 17 years I have been living in between England and Spain, the last 5 of which spent in Catalonia, where I achieved my diplomas for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am passionate about the English language, especially teaching it. I have had students of all ages, and seeing their English evolve is what gives me the most satisfaction. The method of language acquisition by speaking and playing is the most natural form of learning for young minds, and that is why I am looking forward to working for Kids&Us.

  • Jordi Pérez

    Jordi Pérez

    Hello! My name is Jordi. I was born and raised in Manresa. I graduated from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a degree in psychology and I am currently doing a master's degree in Psychology of Education in Universitat de Barcelona. I love learning English because I feel like it opens a whole new set of amazing experiences that are rather difficult to enjoy without being well acquainted with the English language. For me, those experiences range from meeting and getting to know people from around the world, to understanding the lyrics of my favourite songs. I think that it's very important that children feel that way about a language that I regard as a pillar of education for the younger generations and I believe that an immersive learning approach strongly reflects this view of the usefulness of the English language. I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for this language and learning from the learning process that children in Kids'n'Us will surely go through during this academic year.

  • Kasia Legler

    Kasia Legler

    Hello! My name is Kasia and I discovered my passion for teaching languages as a teenager. Therefore, I have been giving classes all my life. I come from Poland but I spent a big part of my life in England. I have been living in Catalonia for over a year. I graduated from Jagiellonian University with a Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages. We speak 4 languages at home and I strongly believe natural language immersion is the best way to learn a language. The Kids&Us teaching method is really close to my philosophy of teaching. I am excited and really looking forward to teaching you all this year!

  • Adriana Gutiérrez

    Adriana Gutiérrez

    Hi! My name is Adriana! I'm originally from Argentina but I have been living in Catalonia for about 10 years. Back there, in Argentina, I got my degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. At the moment I’m trying to combine teaching with sports. I love sports in general but I have been playing rink hockey (also known as roller hockey) for more than 20 years and this allowed me to visit lots of countries and meet wonderful people. I'm really looking forward to starting my fourth year at Kids&Us!

  • Alba Gómez

    Alba Gómez

    Hi! My name is Alba. I was born in Manresa. I'm currently studying International Business, which is a degree taught in English at the University of Barcelona. I love travelling and learning new languages. I have worked as a camp leader in several English summer camps so I have had the opportunity to see how effective it is for kids to learn and practise a foreign language while they are having fun. I'm really looking forward to starting my third year at Kids&Us!

  • Alba Martín

    Alba Martín

    Hello! My name is Alba and I’m from Manresa. I’m a laboratory technician and I adore travelling. I have been to many countries in Europe and after spending a year in the USA working as an Au Pair, I decided to come back and help kids learn English. Knowing English and a bit of French has been such a valuable tool! I have given classes in different schools and summer camps, I really love interacting with kids!

  • Alison Bancroft

    Alison Bancroft

    Hello! My name is Alison and I’m originally from Manchester in the UK, but have lived in Manresa for over 20 years. I graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in modern languages and I also have two Master’s Degrees in Secondary Education and in Applied Linguistics from the University of Lleida. As well as teaching, I also work in the Kids&Us Head Office where I am in charge of the Pedagogical Department. I strongly believe in immersive language environments, as this was the way I learned Catalan!  In my spare time, I enjoy doing different activities with my family, which can range from going to the cinema to white-water rafting. I love travelling and my dream is to see the Northern Lights some day.

  • Berta Casanovas

    Berta Casanovas

    Hello! My name is Berta. I’m from Santpedor, a small town in the heart of Catalonia and, yes, Pep Guardiola’s hometown! My first love was theatre and languages and I studied Translation and Interpreting. After my degree, I realised I loved teaching and I did my Master’s in Foreign Language Learning. Being a teacher is like being an actress, and this is why I enjoy my profession so much because it combines both of my worlds. I am a returning teacher and I am looking forward to my fourth year at Kids&Us!

  • Bet Prat

    Bet Prat

    Hi. My name is Bet. I am passionate about every aspect of education. I'm an Early Childhood education graduate and last year I decided to continue my studies by starting my second degree in Primary Education. I'm also passionate about sports and outdoor activities. I have had the opportunity to visit and live in different countries, which has made me realize how important it is to communicate fluently in English to enjoy the experience and to feel connected to the world. I don't know where I'll be in the future, but for now I'm enjoying being a Kids&Us teacher and the Babies & Kids back up, and fulfilling my need to learn every day from the great things this opportunity is giving me.

  • Cristina Díaz

    Cristina Díaz

    Hi! My name is Cristina! I’m from Sabadell. I graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with degrees in Translation and Interpreting (English and Chinese). I love travelling and experiencing other cultures, so I went to China and studied Chinese for a year and a half at Zhejiang University. It was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to everyone! I also taught music a few years ago. It goes without saying that teaching is one of my passions! I'm a member of the Kids&Us Head Office and this will be my second year as a Kids&Us Manresa teacher.

  • Cristina Domínguez

    Cristina Domínguez

    Hello! My name is Cristina and I’m from Manresa. Languages and teaching have been always running my life. Probably that’s why I studied Translation and Interpreting or the reason for having moved to Germany for a whole year to work as an Au-pair. I’m quite an artsy person during my free time: I love drawing, painting or even baking! But I also have a very long list of destinations I would love to travel to. Back in 2011, I was given the opportunity to combine my two biggest passions at Kids&Us, where I currently work as an Academic Coordinator. I’m really looking forward to discovering what this school year has in store for us!

  • Cristina Mercé

    Cristina Mercé

    Hello! My name is Cristina. I was born in Manresa, but for the last 6 years I’ve been working and studying around Europe and northern Africa. I love learning and practising languages. I also love travelling and experiencing new cultures. That’s why I studied Translation and Interpreting and now I’m doing my Master’s in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation.  Languages are the key to communication and understanding between two cultures and being a teacher means providing my students with that key. I’m really looking forward to starting my sixth year at Kids&Us!

  • Dirk Hamdorf

    Dirk Hamdorf

    Hello, my name is Dirk. I'm from northern Germany where I was raised and attended university too, but I've been living in Catalonia for the last 16 years. I studied environmental engineering and also got training on quality control, on-the-job safety and emission protection. After working as an engineer for more than 10 years I decided to broaden my horizons and took on a job as a teacher of both English and German. The current course is my third year at Kids&Us, where I'm not only working as a teacher, but also in the Pedagogical Department. My hobbies are mountaineering and mountain biking as well as caving and climbing when time allows.

  • Evita Letsa

    Evita Letsa

    Hi, my name is Evita and I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. I studied Genetic Psychology and I speak four languages as well as my maternal one. I love teaching so much that I have always regarded it as a hobby and not as a job. My other passions are reading, backpacking and walking. I moved to Manresa three years ago and I have been working for Kids&Us ever since. Making such a big change in my life turned out to be a very wise decision for me both professionally and personally.

  • Georgina Heredia

    Georgina Heredia

    Hello everyone! My name is Georgina and I was born and raised in Manresa. Being able to witness how students learn and help them overcome new challenges is something that has always fascinated me. For this reason, I decided to turn this interest into my day-to-day life by studying Pre-School teaching. Moreover, I went to live with a family in the USA to take care of their three children for almost two years. This is my fifth year working at Kids&Us, both as a teacher and an Academic Coordinator, and I am enjoying it as much as I did when I first started. 

  • Has Kerai

    Has Kerai

    Hello! My full name is very long, so you can call me Has! I was born in London, and both of my parents are from India. Marketing and Advertising Communications graduate and lover of all sports, I left London to travel and seek new opportunities five years ago and was lucky enough to find an opportunity to teach here in Manresa. I've found that teaching is both rewarding and fun! It's been a life-changing experience so far, and the only way is up so I'm looking forward to my fourth academic year full of laughs and learning!

  • Ivet Pintó

    Ivet Pintó

    Hi! My name is Ivet! I live in the middle of nowhere, in a country house near Manresa. That’s why I love nature! I’m curious and aware of cross-cultural diversity since I’ve visited a “small” part of the world, including Europe, the US, Canada, and even China! Last year I studied in a university in Sydney and now I’m studying Humanities and Primary Education in English, which I think is a harmonious and interesting combination! I discovered my passion for teaching and children by volunteering and later working in educational leisure. I’m happy and eager to take this step forward at Kids&Us!

  • John Mackellar

    John Mackellar

    Hey! My name’s John and I’m from Manchester, England. I studied law at university but I’ve always been interested in languages. I moved to Manresa two years ago to work as a conversation assistant in a school and I haven’t looked back! After school finished in June, I went to the French Alps for 3 months to brush up on my French. At the same time I worked as a tour guide, did lots of cycling, climbing the biggest mountains on my bike almost every day. When I wasn’t cycling, I was out hiking, looking for waterfalls, lagoons and lakes to swim in with my friends. What else is there to say? Oh! Only that as the back up for Tweens & Teens I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Júlia Pascual

    Júlia Pascual

    Hey! I’m Júlia, I’m from Manresa and I study Psychology. I would describe myself as a sociable and very self-motivated person. My language learning experiences have always been an integral part of my life. That’s why I have taken part in volunteering projects in England and Germany. Last year, I had a chance to do an Erasmus program in Florence, Italy; therefore I’m also fluent in Italian. I think working with children is really challenging and gives you an opportunity to develop yourself. That’s the reason why I‘ve been working with kids since I was 15 and now I am really glad I can continue doing so at Kids&Us.

  • Laia Gibert

    Laia Gibert

    Hi! My name is Laia and I have always lived in Manresa although I'm keen on travelling abroad and getting to know different cultures. I love languages and teaching, that's why I studied to be a Primary Education teacher specialized in English. I enjoy working with kids for many reasons, but especially because you can always learn something valuable from them, every single day!

  • Mari Meléndez

    Mari Meléndez

    Hi! My name is Mari! I’m originally from the United States, but I have lived in Catalonia for the past 12 years. I went to the University of Connecticut for my BA and then graduated from the Interamerican University of PR with a degree in Business Administration, a Postgraduate degree and a Doctorate in Law. When I moved from the USA to a small town in the mountains of Barcelona because of my husband’s work, I noticed the extremely low level of English that was being taught at schools. I got certified and have been teaching English ever since! This will be my 9th year at Kids&Us, and I’m looking forward to many more!

  • Meritxell Bargués

    Meritxell Bargués

    Hi! My name is Meritxell. I was born in Terrassa but I’ve been living in Manresa for more than 12 years. Languages have always been my passion and that’s why I studied Translation and Interpreting… and tried to live abroad for as long as I could! After some years in places such as France, Norway and the UK I began working as a freelance translator. A few years later I started combining translation with teaching and eventually ended up working both for the school and the Kids&Us Head Office in Manresa. It's going to be my seventh year here and I'm looking forward to getting started!

  • Mireia Carreté

    Mireia Carreté

    Hello! My name is Mireia and I’m from Balsareny, a town near Manresa. I love learning, teaching and practising languages. That’s why I learnt English and German while I was studying Journalism (UAB) and doing my Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (UB). Before joining Kids&Us in 2012, I worked as a sports journalist for “Sunday Life” in Belfast (Northern Ireland), I taught both Catalan and Spanish in Mannheim University (Germany) and I was involved in the creation and development of learning material for the Catalan online course Parla.cat. I'm currently working in the Pedagogical Department of Kids&Us and I’m also a teacher at the Manresa school.

  • Mireia Gómez

    Mireia Gómez

    Hello! My name is Mireia and I’m from Manresa. From a very early age, I’ve loved learning and practising languages, especially English. In fact I used to be a Kids&Us student!  Even though I’m studying biomedical sciences at the University of Barcelona, my passion for English and kids led me to work at Kids&Us and this will be my third year at the school! One of my greatest hobbies, apart from learning new languages and getting to know different cultures, is music; I’ve been playing the cello for eleven years now and I am currently a member of a local orchestra. 

  • Mireia Vilà

    Mireia Vilà

    Hello! My name is Mireia. I am from Manresa. I love working with young learners and that is why I studied a degree in Primary Education, minor in English, at UAB. I have always been interested in seeing how the education system works in different countries so I participated in an Erasmus programme. I studied in Belfast for one semester and I also did an internship in a Primary school. Once I finished my degree, I decided to work as a Language Assistant in London in a Secondary School for one year. From this experience, I can say that immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. I hope to learn from my students as much as they will hopefully learn from me!

  • Míriam Muñoz

    Míriam Muñoz

    Hi! My name is Míriam and I was born in Manresa. I have always been really passionate about languages and that’s why I started studying English at a young age. I studied Translation and Interpreting because, originally, I wanted to be an interpreter. In 2013, I lived in Manchester (UK) for a short period of time as an Erasmus student. I had never thought I would end up working as a teacher, but when I started in Kids&Us Manresa, I realised that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I really love working with children because it’s impressive to see how they learn a foreign language in such a natural way, but also because their smiles are priceless. I can’t wait to see what this fourth year at Kids&Us has got to offer!

  • Nancy Lee

    Nancy Lee

    Hello! My name is Nancy and I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Russian and East European Studies. After teaching at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, I returned to Michigan to earn my Master’s degree in TESOL. I've been living in Manresa for 17 years and working at Kids&Us for approximately 6 years. In addition to teaching, I create materials at the Head Office. When I'm not working, I'm usually reading or doing Sudokus. Some of my favorite things include pizza (food), dolphins (animal), ice hockey (sport---just for watching) and camping (outdoor activity).

  • Núria Gómez

    Núria Gómez

    Hello! My name is Núria. I was born and raised in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona) but I have been living between Barcelona and Manresa for more than 10 years. My passions are theatre and English language and literature. Therefore, in order to combine these two passions, I studied Drama in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and I graduated from University of Barcelona with a degree in English Studies. Since I’m currently the Activities Coordinator and a teacher, I am very lucky to say that my current job at Kids&Us allows me to apply my educational background. I love travelling around the world and, four years ago, I decided to practice and reinforce my English living in Toronto (Canada). I’ve been working at Kids&Us since 2015 and I’m looking forward to being in touch with English teaching for many years! 

  • Raquel Cano

    Raquel Cano

    Hi! My name is Raquel. I was born and raised in Manresa. I love teaching and practising languages. That’s the reason why I studied a degree in Early Childhood Education (minor in English). As I love travelling, I try to visit at least three different places every year! I also lived in Great Britain during a certain period of time and I worked in a kindergarten as a Nursery assistant where I could make contact with different teaching methods. This is my fifth year at Kids&Us and I am now working both at the school and at the Head Office.

  • Satu Djitte

    Satu Djitte

    Hey there! My name is Satu. I was born in Mataró, however, my mom is Senegalese and my dad is Gambian. I am currently a fourth year student of a degree in English at the University of Barcelona. I am very interested in linguistics; specifically, in child language acquisition and multilingualism. I have worked in a day care nursery for babies and children aged from six months to three years old where I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about kids. The English language and children have always been some of my greatest passions; that is why working at Kids&Us is an awesome experience not only in a professional sense but also in a personal one. This will be my third year at Kids&Us!

  • Sònia Serra

    Sònia Serra

    My name is Sònia. My home is Catalonia. I learnt English through language immersion: I lived in a small town near the Anglo-Scottish border where I worked, studied and found love. For the last 17 years, I have been teaching English in Catalonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and India. In 2009, one month before I graduated from UAB with a degree in Translation and Interpreting (English, French and German), I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity: the management of Kids&Us Manresa language schools. I love challenges because of the priceless and rewarding feeling you get when you succeed. It goes without saying that teaching and children (especially babies) are my passion. I am also very keen on travelling and experiencing new cultures and languages, singing, worldwide gastronomy and cats!

  • Tamara Sommer

    Tamara Sommer

    Hi, my name is Tamara. I've been living in Catalonia for 9 years, but I was born and raised in Switzerland. I studied graphic design and I was a professional dancer for 18 years. Although I don't dance anymore, I love what I do now, teaching! I can speak 6 languages, and I really enjoy sharing my passion for learning languages with young children. I am a member of the Kids&Us Head Office and a Kids&Us Manresa teacher. This will be my fifth year in Kids&Us!

  • Walters Bawe

    Walters Bawe

    Hello! My name is Walters Bawe. I’m originally from Cameroon (a country in West Africa) but I have been living in Manresa for more than 8 years. I graduated from the University of Yaounde with a degree in Translation and Interpreting.  I speak 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Spanish and Pidgin English) and 5 African dialects. I have been working at Kids&Us Manresa for two years. As a fully qualified English teacher with more than 10 years of varied experience, there’s much I can offer to the education of young children. I’m confident that my passion for children development, together with my skills and expertise will enable me to make a significant difference at Kids&Us.

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